Water soluble bags - 100 units pack

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The water-soluble bags are made of biodegradable and ecological material which dissolve in contact with water without any waste. 

They are very useful in the process of dissolving the colour during the dyeing cycles. Its high solubility in cold and hot water (20-40º) facilitates the handling of dyestuffs and other powdery chemicals. As it is soluble, it dissolves completely without leaving any residues to clog machine filters without causing damage to fabrics or altering dyes. 

With the water soluble bags an ecological way of handling and managing dyes is achieved. 

We have packs of 100 units each in various sizes that you can combine: 

200 x 300 mm

300 x 400 mm

400 x 500 mm

500 x 600 mm 

If you would like more information about more sizes or a special combination, please contact comercial@escarre.com and we will send you a personalised offer. 


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