Conductivity level relay for 2 probes


Conductive level switch with two channels for two independent probes The CL2 signals the level of the liquid in a tank by controlling the conductivity between two electrodes installed in the tank to which the level is to be controlled and a common reference electrode. 

When the electrodes come into contact with the liquid there is a current passage that causes the intervention of the instrument. The voltage between the electrodes is of alternating type to avoid electrolysis phenomena in the liquid and corrosion of the electrodes. It is mounted by means of a 35 mm DIN guide.

- Two independent points control

- Single point control or dual control as a level regulator for valve or pump control

- Power supply: 24 Vac/dc

- Power consumption: 2 VA/ 1.8W max

- Output 2 contacts SPDT

- Dimensions: 90 (H) x 35 (L) x 60 (D)

- Mounting: DIN rail 35mm 


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